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doggie n : informal terms for dogs [syn: pooch, doggy, barker, bow-wow]

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  1. alternative spelling of doggy
  2. In the context of "cowboy|_|slang|colloquial": A calf separated from its cow.

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This article is about the artist Doggie, for the slang word for the animal see Dog.
Doggie (born April 19, 1966 in Køge) is a Danish artist-observer, currently based in Copenhagen and Istanbul.
He was one of the pioneers of Danish Hip-Hop and in the early 80's, he became a member of The New Nation and started the graffiti crew The Dark Roses. He studied advertising and worked as an AD and as a graphic designer since 1988. He made several Hip-Hop jams, AV-shows and became involved in Scandinavian graffiti exhibitions/shows as well. He lived and worked in Amsterdam, NYC and Montpellier where he developed his 'tup' paintings and sculptures 'What you see is what you get'.
For a 10-year period he stopped working with art until 2006 when he started his DoggieStudio. Shortly after, he held exhibitions in several European countries with his photo collage and projects. 'I'm trying to destroy what you do see'. A "Hockney-like" serial of photos made in several layers, then destroyed and again by putting them together, transformed or instigate a 'noodle' or flourishes of shadows from a well known motif to a synergy between what you do see and what you do not see. An experiment of expression he already worked with in his "Timespaper" from 1989 and in a serial of posters back in 1990.

Selected Exhibitions

2006 Dec. Angels – Marienlyst Slot - Elsinore Museum
2007 Feb. Anioly - Domoteka - Warszaw, Poland
2007 Apr. Galeria BB - Kraków, Poland
2007 Jun. Baby, You Can Drive My Car - Marienlyst Slot - Elsinore Museum Marienlyst Slot, Elsinore

Selected Literature

1985 Dansk Wildstyle Graffiti af Peter Skaarup, Libero ISBN 87 981341 4 0

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